Pets on prozac

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Back in the day
MADRID (dpa) - Does your dog jump all over you, block your way and sometimes bite visitors?In the old days, he would simply have been called naughty and slapped.
This forum is for the discussion of pets, and not for discussions by pets! Pets are prohibited from posting to our forums! Pets on prozac And we mean that! Geez, they never listen.
Now Fido can have the same violent and psychotic breaks from SSRIs as humans. Please Pets on prozac support our new Citizen Petition to the FDA! The FDA has approved a reformulated .
Yesterday, the New York Times ran a piece by Hal Herzog, author of "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It
Fluoxetine (Prozac, Reconcile) in dogs, cats and other pets: the indications for use, side effects, contraindications, drug or food interactions, toxicity, and signs .
Pets On Prozac's official profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.
Americans are spending millions on mood-altering drugs for their cats

Pets on prozac

and dogs. Is it because we
I would like to know if anyone has gone off prozac for a short time and back on and if they got the same help from it as when they first went on it. I was on prozac .
Recently, during a conversation about kids and dogs, a friend shared that soon after her daughter Audrey was born, her springer spaniel, Winston, began .
Best Answer: The reasons you are not supposed to drink are: First, you are being treated for some kind of psychiatric disorder. Alcohol is never good for depressed or .
After several tests, my cat's urinating around the house (and not in the box) does not appear to be a medical issue. He recommends Buspar or Prozac for him. I'm .
Fortune has announced the year's 101 Dumbest Moments in Business, including Prozac for dogs. "Thank God. We've been so worried since Lucky dyed his hair jet black and .
And I can
A week after Chicago
Increasing numbers of British pets are being given Prozac to help them battle against depression, a leading veterinary expert has revealed.

Prozac Increasingly Prescribed to Depressed Parrots and Other Pets Thursday, November 06, 2008 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

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